CRER is working with clients who own properties in Qualified Opportunity Zones and/or are looking to invest in Qualified Opportunity Zones.

If you have a capital gain or plan to realize a capital gain, give us a call and we can guide you to the right investment opportunities as well as professionals (legal and accounting) who are well versed in the rules regarding Opportunity Zones.
Alternatively, if you are a commercial real estate owner with a property and/or business in an Opportunity Zone, we may be able to help you benefit from your location in the Opportunity Zone.

We can assist in understanding the following:

  • How Qualified Opportunity Zones impact the commercial real estate industry
  • The tax advantages of a Qualified Opportunity Zone
  • What is considered a Qualified Opportunity Zone business property
  • What is considered a Qualified Opportunity Zone business
  • How to take advantage of being located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone
  • How to invest in Qualified Opportunity Zones

Ashley Dillard

Office: 312-228-4686



Nate Gautsche

Office: 312-228-4683



Jarid Dietrich

Office: 847-254-0108



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