On May 16, 2019 2400-10 N. Oakley closed. This property is a single story 6,000 SF industrial building at the corner of Oakley & Fullerton on 12,000 SF lot. The property was sold for land value to buyer intending to have a commercial use that doesn’t require a zoning change. Ashley Dillard represented Holzendorf Elies Building Corp as the seller and Timothy Keenan represented Fulloak 24, LLC as the buyer who will be using the building for commercial automotive use. The property sold for $1,170, 000.00 in an all cash deal.

For those seeking to turn impressive profits in short order, real estate is one way in which this can be accomplished. It is in your best interest, however, to be aware of the risks that are involved and take careful steps to minimize those risks. Taking these steps now may cost a little more on the front end but, in many cases, the pay off for doing so well outweigh the expenses. Make sure you speak with a professional before making any big investment moves. CRER is here to help you decipher the best investment for your portfolio and mitigate risks in the process. Reach out to us directly to discuss the next best steps for you and your investments.


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